The Marauders!


Watch their video below! 





The Marauders!



With the spotlight focussinmg heavily upon Severus snape it’s almost easy to forget that this filmis also about 4 cool kids who were always up to no good…see what i did there?

In other promotion videos you’ve had the opportunity to meet the cast and hear what they’ve had to say about the roles and other Potterverse titbits but now here is a focussed piece on the four gentlemen who were so bad they were good. Meet The Maruaders: James Potter played by Garret Schweighauser, Sirius Black played by Kevin Allen , Remus Lupin played by Paul Stanko and Peter Pettigrew played by Zachary David.

 This movie cannot get made with out you lovely peopel! To get this movie on to the screen donate below on the Indiegogo page! Also follow them on Facebook and Tumblr!


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