Arguments are rife, opinions divdided but what should DC and Warner brothers really do about their planned JLA movie? Here are 3 pointers the RLJ News Team have come up with:

1. Take Your Time

Contrary to popular belief, releasing a JLA (Justice League of America) movie will not be profitable in the long run. Yes, it may make money and Yes, it may even tempt many to see it in droves but it will be short lived if it doesn’t live up to the standards set by The Avengers. The Avengers had the luxry of surfing off the back stories already established in other movies (captain america, the hulk films, the iron man films and thor), DC does not have this luxry and they shouldn’t kid themselves into thinking they do. Movie goers are smarter  than they are given credit for and movie critics are mean. Very mean. Whatever film DC makes next they need to take their time and invest in it with screen writers that compliment actors. Ryan Renolds was not given any justice with a poor script that sold the story short of its potential. If DC want to keep status renewed they need to get the next couple of films they do spot on.

2.Have A Thread Of Continuity

A JLA movie will not be made without thinking of ‘The Avengers’ and their success because they were the first to pull off the whole ‘assembly’ of heroes in one film. What worked for The Avengers apart from everything? Continuity. keyword-continuity. The only charachetr who didnt make the premier team was the Hulk (Edward Norton couldn’t reach an agreement to play th Hulk). Robert Downey Jr reprised his role as Iron Man, Thor was played by Christopher Hemsworth(who satrred in THOR), Captain America was played by Chistopher Evans (who stars in Captain America)  and Black widow returned from her cameo in Iron Man played by Scarlet Johansson. See! That’s continuity! It felt like old friends coming back for a reunion get together. The first thing DC and warner need to get right is casting and making sure they get a cast that is willing to commit and not pull out half way, or at the last hurdle. Nevermind the money making at stake, it deprciates the value of their films. where there is no passion invested to do a film properly, fans will not feel the need to invest in them either. What am i saying? I’m saying keep on Henry Cavill who is starring in  the up coming ‘Man of Steel’ and definitely keep, Ryan Renolds as The green Lantern.

3. Trinity (Superman, Batman and Wonder woman) Needs To Be Made

DC comics has a JLA series which graphically narrates the adventures of the super hero team. The challenge is believably, or plausably getting all these heroes on the screen. Many film critics and movie goers alike have opted for the Marvel model which dictates setting up stand alone movies of the individual heroes as a foundation before launching a huge JLA movie. DC have 3 charachters in their whole universe that makes them spectacularly diffrent from MARVEL and can give them the leverage they need to ditch the stand alone movie making model entirely. The JLA at its core is Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. They even have a comic entitled ‘Trinity’ (which i’ve read and i can report was brilliant). If DC want to be diffrent, Trinity is where they begin. The foundation motif of making lone films before bringing together an entourage is rather popular because it worked but the JLA as a team is much more about these 3 charcthers than it is about any of the others in truth. The triumvirate of heroes are the glue that binds the JLA together. DC need to make a Trinity movie and make it very big and brilliant. If done well, Warner Brothers could have the right leverage  to kick off with a JLA movie instantaneously after the Trinity movie having set up the three charachters and their bonds to each other. then reigning in Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Man hunter and Aquaman will be a doddle.

Kingsley Olaleye Reuben

RLJ Editor


2 thoughts on “The Justice League Movie-What Will It Take To Make It A Success?

  1. I have heard talk of an animated JLU movie being based on the Identity Crisis comic book story arc. as well as a bunch of DC’s second teir stars getting their own animated films as well. as to a live action movie, chances are the closest that we will see anytime soon is a World’s Finest featuring Batman and Superman. most like as episode 4 of each hero’s respecive new franchises. I am guessing on that, as before their latest films, it was well discussed that the cross over movie would be used to relaunch each franchise. Now that each one is in pre-production and #2’s it sounds plausible that they’d complete their own Trilogy and end the modern incarnations with a cross-over. allowing each character to be refreshed and relaunched in another 20 years.

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